Our Innovation

VTW is revolutionizing the water treatment industry, through innovative, high-tech solutions that produce long-lasting and effective results, in a short period, with minimal costs. 

We develop advanced solutions to support our vibrant planet’s ecology.
Our products sustain marine life by cleaning the water environments that enable it.
Our mission is to protect marine life through cleaning the water that sustains it. Through our extensive R&D department and innovative technology, we have come up with products to treat water environments worldwide.

Our discovery is an Eco-friendly solution that uses natural ingredients. Our non-toxic products efficiently clean the water without polluting or disturbing the aquatic ecosystem hence environmentally restoring its marine life in a cost-efficient manner. 

Department of Fisheries & Marine Research Cyprus Certificate

VTW Services Ltd applied tests of a new dispersant solution (MSL) of their own preparation, in a fishing shelter under the continuous supervision by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (DFMR).

The aforementioned tests started in August 6th of 2015 and lasted for 2 months. Following the tests we performed, in the presence of the DFMR Team, in a specific maritime space indicated by us, the above products has been considered
efficient both for dispersing oil spill, heavy fuel oil, and for cleaning the fishing shelter from oil waste deposits. 

VTW has therefore been given the appropriate certificates from the Director of the DFMR, for the registration and use of the MSL dispersant which can be used in the maritime space of the Republic of Cyprus.